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 IPTV Payment Gateways for WHMCS Automation Platform

IPTV Payment Gateways for WHMCS Automation Platform

The IPTV industry is gaining traction as it lets you watch cable and pay-per-view TV over the web without using satellite, cable, or terrestrial equipment. IPTV broadcasters need help finding a merchant account provider who will accept credit and debit card payments from customers.

The reason is that IPTV operators get fines for copyright violations because they regularly use IPTV technology to distribute illegally copied TV shows. Consequently, many credit card companies consider IPTV a high-risk industry, especially when the provider is based in a country with remarkably weak copyright laws.

How To Find the Right Credit and Debit Card Processor for IPTV

We’ve listed the best merchant accounts for IPTV which support WHMCS to assist you in your search for an IPTV payment gateway solution. You can get internet marketing tools, offshore merchant accounts, recurring billing software, and other useful services from these companies.

While WHMCS does not support IPTV automation natively, you can still use it to bill your clients and automate the provisioning of IPTV services.

They also provide low-commitment contracts with clear pricing and excellent customer service. Consider each processor’s features, price, terms, and products before picking the best payment service provider for IPTV (Internet Protocol Television).

Top Picks for Merchant Services for Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Payment

The following are some of the best WHMCS-integrated merchant services for IPTV.

Founded in 2009, Square Payment provides a payment system and merchant account services. Square Payments connects with Square’s POS software and hardware to allow businesses to accept multiple payment types.

Square Payments can integrate with other Square tools and third-party apps so businesses can make payments from anywhere and accept payments from any major credit card.

The company offers tailored services, including Square for Retail and Square Online Store. Square Payments may be a good fit for older IPTV providers but not for more recently established IPTV providers.

Square’s flat transaction price and no monthly fees make it popular with small and medium businesses. The low initial cost might make this the best option for IPTV businesses looking for WHMCS-supported merchant services.

Square Payments

Square Payments

Although PayPal technically owns Venmo, they’re different. Mostly used for sending money to friends, Venmo has a social component. Additionally, you can only send money through the app or mobile browser, even though you can sign in and see your account on the desktop.

It is estimated that there are 85 million users of Venmo. In addition, Venmo can be used with IPTV business transactions to make payments. Payments are free when you use your associated debit card or bank account.

Venmo payment gateway

Venmo Payments

Block Inc., the parent company of Square, created the Cash App to meet the growing demand for peer-to-peer payments. The Cash App works like Venmo but without the social aspects. For IPTV businesses, this payment gateway offers minimal transaction fees and accepts debit and credit cards.

Cash App gained a distinctive feature in 2018 when it added the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin.


Cash App

Zelle facilitates the payment of IPTV services distinctively. Those with accounts at participating banks can send cash via same-day transfers. Some of the biggest names in banking are collaborating, including Chase, Citi, Bank of America, Ally, Wells Fargo, and Capital One.

When you install their app and connect your debit card, you can use Zelle even if your bank isn’t a partner. If your bank joins Zelle, you’ll be able to use its services through your bank’s website or mobile app.

Zelle payment gateway


You have another excellent option with e-Payouts. E-Payouts require you to create an account to use it. The E-Payouts service allows you to link your bank account or PayPal account.

A major advantage of E-Payouts is their ability to adapt to mobile devices. Their services are all easily accessible on your mobile device. Consequently, you can access E-Payouts even when you are away from your computer.

One of the main advantages is that e-Payouts do not charge you if you don’t make any sales. Beginners prefer E-Payouts because of this reason.



Why you choose WHMCS for IPTV Billing Solution?

The following are some key factors demonstrating that you should choose WHMCS for the IPTV billing solution.

Maintaining Security

If you’re worried about security, WHMCS is a great choice because it has some significant advantages over all the rest.

WHMCS ranks security as a priority and upholds a secure user environment. It is evident in the alarms, the security support, and the automatic bans for repeated login failures.


Customers switch service providers because of poor customer service. Fast, helpful, and attentive customer service separates businesses from customers.

WHMCS offers a simple ticket system that allows you to interact with clients, but it also allows you to integrate social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

 As a result, many staff members can respond to customer requests. Integrated support options make maintaining relationships easy.

Automated Systems

When something can be done for you automatically, why do it manually? WHMCS automates the billing process, including invoice production, account creation, termination, suspension, and payment processing.

Comprehensive Billing Process

Billing is one of the most important parts of any company, and customer satisfaction heavily relies on being open. WHMCS delivers an invoice with a detailed description of all items and services provided to keep clients informed and foster productive relationships.

WHMCS allows you to accept payment in at least 75 integrated payment methods and bill in as many international currencies as you like.


While a simple template might work for some, your organization may need better solutions. Utilizing WHMCS, you have the option to customize and take charge. Theme and widget options are endless, plus you can use multiple languages.

The Takeaway

That’s all for today’s roundup on the best IPTV payment getaways and why you should choose WHMCS for IPTV billing solutions. Knowing the top IPTV payment gateway providers, you can open IPTV merchant accounts. Look at these five options and pick the one that best suits your needs.

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Byteseller payment gateway


Byteseller IPTV Payment Gateway Module