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 Setup and Manage your Google Ads PPC Campaign

Setup and Manage your Google Ads PPC Campaign

If you’re looking to start or grow your own business, Google AdWords is the perfect tool for you. With so many options and ways to set up your campaigns, it’s easy to find the right one for your business. But when it comes to optimizing your campaigns, there’s no substitute for experience.

We have implemented successful strategies to increase visitors, leads and sales across mobile and web applications. We will provide you with highly interested and quality traffic but not guarantee sales, phone calls, and leads. In addition, we share complete information on how we run and optimize your Google ads campaigns.

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Google Ads Setup and Management - Offered Services

Freelancers and new businesses looking to start their first Google Ads PPC campaign.

Freelancers and small businesses who want to refresh or optimize a Google Ads PPC campaign/launch a new one.

For Google Ads PPC Campaign SetUp:

  1. Ads Campaign Setup.
  2. Keywords Research for your Niche up to 150.
  3. Theme Relevant Keywords for Google Ads Groups.
  4. Writing Relevant PPC Ads Based on the Ad Groups Structure.
  5. Google AdWords Campaign Set Up with Ad Extensions up to 3.

For Google PPC Campaign Management:

  1. Ads Campaign Setup.
  2. Keyword Research & Competitors Analysis.
  3. Improving Ads Quality Score.
  4. Create a Negative Keyword List.
  5. Set up Google Analytics, Search Console, and Tag Manager.
  6. Set up Google Merchant Center for Shopping Ads.
  7. Landing Page Optimization & Development Tips.
  8. Setup Conversion Tracking.
  9. Basic SEO Tips.

When someone searches for similar products or services on desktop or mobile, your ad may appear on Google.

Let Us Help You With Your Project